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The first issue of meri saheli magazine appeared in the month of March 1987 and it was started in the same year meri saheli magazine is a hindi magazine which is published by pioneer books company a Delhi based company  the meaning of meri saheli magazine mean Girl Friend in English meri saheli magazine readership was 2.01 million in the year 2004 which has fallen to 34% in the previous year  now meri saheli magazine under home relationships it covers subjects like family ,sex and romance, pehla affair and sex problems Q & A meri saheli magazine under Health and fitness has weight loss tips, health updates,, home remedies yoga and fitness and gyna problems Q & A

meri saheli magazine under ask Saheli beauty has skin care, makeup ,hair care, Mehdi designs and beauty Q &A  then it has all about food in its recipes section meri saheli magazine has short stories and under entrainment it has  film and T.V under Hema Malini in meri saheli magazine has mere zindagi meri Anubhav in other it has jeena kikala interior designing and fashion then Meri saheli magazine has got video shop apps in which it has yoga , Mehdi design remedies and mantras  the cost of the monthly magazine  is just Rs 35/-  by reading this


Meri saheli magazine the women are much satisfied and there is a lot that they can know with this about the health issues and physical fitness for the women meri saheli magazine  and even females can learn new types of recipes to cook for their children and home with these magazine and out of all these magazines help the women to keep good relationships with the families with the short stories of meri saheli magazine apart from these many things and how to get modernized and how to get new hair style can be known according to the trends that are happening in the society with the help of these

Meri saheli magazine it also gives good boost for the family and it helps to maintain relationships with children over all women can know the remedies for their Cyanic problems which they are facing this kind of magazine which is helping should be read by every women so that meri saheli magazine gives them good tips and helps them to live better in the society.