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Civil service exam


Civil service exam The R & D advisory board consists of thought leaders well known bureaucrats. Realizing this after extensive research under Civil service exam the aegis of the Chairperson of the Group Company Mr. NN Ojha Chronicle Group came out with Civil Service Chronicle. Today all the Civil service exam are undisputed market leaders in their fields.It was widely welcomed and since then it has grown exponentially as has been changing according to the changing pattern of IAS exam. upsc jobs have always been the mentor to the aspirants. Spanning over more than two decades the group has been a strong advisor and a companion to millions of aspirants in shaping their professional career.


 upsc jobs And it is they who by their trust and confidence in Chronicle have helped it to be one of upsc jobs the most trusted brands in the legacy of competitive success. ips exam successful IAS toppers leading business personalities and corporate professionals to plan and deliver ips exam best input according to the changing patterns of examinations and growing needs of students.  To keep pace with a fast moving lifestyle


ips exam has come up with online tutorials and digital learning to reach out to more aspirants. As we are Chronicle we are committed to craft the success stories of your career upsc question paper In the late 80s there was no trusted magazine for those preparing for the IAS exams. upsc question paper has pioneered the field of nurturing talents by planning designing and framing the best of resources for preparation of competitive examinations. upsc question paper Be it UPSC Civil Services examinations like IAS IPS IFS IRS etc. or preparation for CAT and other MBA entrances.