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protyogita darpan


protyogita darpan has a lead. Upkar has tie-ups with leading retailers in India for displaying and selling its books at their stores protyogita darpan is sister concern of Upkar Prakashan and is also a Publishing house with focus on magazines/ journals for current affairs and general awareness. Its flagship brand, protyogita darpan, Samanya Gyan Darpan (Hindi) and Competition Science Vision (English) which are again leaders in their cadre Upkar Prakashan is an ISO 9001:2000 certified publishing house with its head office located at the city of Taj Mahal, Agra. Known for publishing quality books.

protyogita darpan monthly) is rated as Top 4th magazine of India, among all the magazines in all languages that are published in India. With over 4 million readers across India, e magazine hindi  is a clear leader in its cadre publications (Data Source: Indian Readership Survey). Besides this, other brands include e magazine hindi The publishing house is well-equipped with in-house Printing and Publishing facilities. Professionalism in work culture, Qualified subject professionals e magazine hindi Upkars core focus is on preparatory books for various competitive examinations that are held across India

how to subscribe pratiyogita darpan magazine equip the aspirants with the latest and up-to-date information and, in the market, are known for their reliable contents. Every year, more than 1600 books are published/ revised, which are frequently updated during the year. how to subscribe pratiyogita darpan magazine Pan-India network of business associates, vast experience, exposure and knowledge of the consumer-oriented model of India are a few grounds e how to subscribe pratiyogita darpan magazine published by Upkar Prakashan, which is about 40 years young now, has showcased breathtaking success in the paradigms of Indian Career-Oriented Publications market. It has shown spectacular growth in sales, profitability and market share continuously during these 40 years journey