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maharashtramca entrance mock test

Now a days it is popular that every competitive exam which the government, banks, insurance companies, and other vacancies  Career Prakashan is providing preparatory Maharashtra mca entrance mock test for every examination which is held online and the aspirant who is applying for the vacancy in which section he wants to join has to write the exam on Maharashtra mca entrance mock test which is provided by Career Prakashan which is a must for the aspirant and these Maharashtra mca entrance mock testpreparation is given to the aspirant by Career Prakashan for which the aspirant is preparing for these Maharashtra mca entrance mock test are given by Career Prakashan are in different pattern according to the budget what the aspirant is looking in and according to the financial position of the aspirant there are many subject wise Maharashtra mca entrance mock test  given by Career Prakashan. Career Prakashan has Solutions also Available for the aspirant for the Maharashtra mca entrance mock test he has selected Career Prakashan.

The Maharashtra mca entrance mock test provided by Career Prakashan for IBPS PO ,IBPS Clerk, SBI Po, SBI Clerk, LIC AAO, LIC ADO, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering all competitive, entrance exams  Career Prakashan Maharashtra mca entrance mock test provides a platform for aspirant to judge their performance and results will be analyzed on all India basis. 

Maharashtra mca entrance mock test provides Marks Sheets for the aspirant and also solutions & Answers down Load Available along with this solutions & Answers down Load Available Print option is Also Available for the aspirant Career Prakashan Maharashtra mca entrance mock test is a Largest Maharashtra mca entrance mock test Provider. For the aspirant who is seeking his career in different sector what the student is opting for and through Career Prakashan Millions of aspirant have satisfied from our web site through Career Prakashan Maharashtra mcaentrance mock test  ALL INDIA RANKING which helps the aspirant in evaluating their preparation level at last moment and also Career Prakashan helps in Challenging himself with Subject Wise, Mock Tests & Live Tests to get the actual Exam experience andMaharashtramca entrance mock test All India Ranking. Career Prakashan gives you Complete Solutions & Analysis for the aspirant to  score better.Career Prakashan Maharashtra mca entrance mock test All India Rank Assessment Test is a completely online test that will help to judge your preparedness for the exam selected by the aspirant

MAH MCA  ExamAnalyser :              3600       499         Online (Customer will get User Id and password within 24 Hours )         

Details on Exam, Syllabus, Exam Analysis, Exam pattern and more      3600       999                        

MAH MCA  Question Bank with Self Assessor :                                                           

More than 40000 questions subjectwise, topicwise, chapterwise with facilty to create your own test based of parameters                                                       


ELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS                                                      

ARITHMETIC (NUMBER THEORY)                                                 

COMMERCIAL MATHS                                                     

MENSURATION- AREAS AND VOLUMES                                                    


COMPLEX NUMBERS AND QUADRATIC EQUATIONS                                                            

PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS                                                      

MATHEMATICAL INDUCTION AND BINOMIAL THEOREM                                                      


SEQUENCE AND SERIES                                                               

MATRICES AND DETERMINANTS                                                 


SETS RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS                                                           


COORDINATE GEOMETRY AND VECTORS                                                

STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY                                                    


GENERAL MENTAL ABILITY                                                           

VERBAL TESTS                                                  

REASONING TESTS                                                          

DIRECTION AND DISTANCE TEST                                                               

ANALOGY TEST                                                 

LOGIC TESTS                                                     

STATEMENTS ASSUMPTIONS                                                      

STATEMENTS ARGUMENTS                                                          

STATEMENTS CONCLUSIONS                                                      


GENERAL COMPUTER SCIENCE                                                 

HISTORY OF COMPUTER DEVELOPMENT                                                 

COMPUTER INTRODUCTION                                                         

TYPES OF COMPUTERS                                                  

COMPUTER LANGUAGES                                                              

COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE                                                        

COMPUTER ARITHMETIC                                                               

COMPUTER HARDWARE                                                

CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT(CPU)                                                           

INPUT DEVICES                                                

OUTPUT DEVICES                                                            

COMPUTER MEMORY                                                      

STORAGE DEVICES                                                         

COMPUTER SOFTWARE                                                 

SYSTEM SOFTWARE                                                        

APPLICATION SOFTWARE                                                              

DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS                                                        

COMPUTER NETWORK                                                   

NETWORK DEVICES                                                        

TYPES OF NETWORKS                                                    

COMMUNICATION OF NETWORKS                                                              


COMPUTER SECURITY                                                    


MAH MCA   Mock Tests with Test Simulator :                                                               

30 Section wise and 15 Complete mock tests                                                             


MAH MCA Report and Analytics :                                                    

Test History for each attempted test with individual analytics                                                   

MAH MCA Comparative Study   :                                                                    

MAH MCA Mock Tests taken are compared with Toppers and Average Students                                                               

Management / Teacher/ Parent Interface :                                                    

For immediate feedback and review of performance of each student on each topic taught                                                             

Online Teacher Support :                                                  

Online faculty support through e-mail.                                                           

Time Management :                                                          

Improve your time management before appearing in exam.                                                   

Total no of Test Per Day = 10 (Self Assessor - 4 and Test Simulator(Mock Test) - 6)                                                          

It is Recommended to use  MozillaFireFox Browser For Online Tests                                                    

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